We offer a wide range of renovation and construction services in this field.

  • energy sector
  • chemical sector
  • offshore sector
  • refining sector
  • shipbuilding sector

Range of services:

welding of steel structure elements in the field of land industry:

  • elements of production lines
  • windmills
  • platforms
  • marine range
  • construction of drilling platforms
  • hulls and marine equipment 

Welding methods used:

  • MMA 111 - manual arc welding with a coated electrode;
  • MAG 135 – arc welding with a consumable metal electrode in an active gas shield;
  • MAG 138 – arc welding with a consumable electrode in an active gas shield with flux-cored wire or with a metal core.
  • TIG - welding with a non-consumable electrode in an inert gas shield

Range of welded materials:

  • Non-alloy and low alloy steels from material group 1
  • Fine grain tempered steels from material group 3
  • Cr-Mo steels from material group 5
  • CR-Mo(Ni) steels from material group 6